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Postpartum Assistance/Mother's Helper

Although not yet trained as postpartum doulas, our doulas lovingly provide assistance for postpartum moms. The postpartum period can be very lonely and chaotic, and your postpartum assistant would love to be able to provide more support for you, as needed. Think of them like your mother or sister, coming to help around the house!

Since we are not postpartum doulas, our roles are limited, but nonetheless valuable.

Postpartum assistance is limited as follows:

  • We can not do diaper changes or bath your child. They must be dressed while we are at your home.

  • We can not feed your child.

  • We work only between the hours of 8 am and 10 pm and only in 6 hour blocks of time. Overnight work is not provided, since we are not trained in overnight care.

  • We can not transport you or your children. Our cars are not insured as transportation vehicles.

What we CAN do:

  • Cook you an amazing meal

  • Provide resources in the community as needed.

  • Help with breastfeeding assistance.

  • Go grocery shopping for you (you provide the money and grocery list, and we will handle the shopping!)

  • Watch your child so you can nap or shower or even just use the bathroom by yourself. If your child needs to breastfeed, we will bring them to you.

  • Run errands for you (pick up dry cleaning, get your mail, walk the dogs, etc)

  • Clean your house (vacuum, dust, take out the garbage, etc)

How does this work?

You purchase a block of time - 5 hours, 10 hours or 20 hours! You then have a three month span of time to use those hours however you'd like, minimum of two hours per day, between the hours of 8 am and 10 pm. If you purchase a block of time on January 1st, you have until March 31st to use the block of time. 20 hours seems like a lot, but most moms plow through that in 3 weeks!

How do I schedule my time?

You call us up and let us know you'd like to schedule some time for help. We let you know when we are available for that amount of time. We show up, you relax! If you decide to schedule us for 5 hours, but only need 4 hours, you keep that extra 1 hour to use any day you decide.

Would my postpartum assistant cancel for any reason?

Since all our assistants are also birth doulas, they would cancel if a birthing client requires their assistance! If they feel sick or ill, they also reserve the right to cancel - we don't want to get you or your child sick! You won't have your hours taken off your block of time in the case of a cancellation.

Why aren't you a postpartum doula?

Great question! We love birth and that is our main focus. However, we saw the need for extra support. Our services may grow into the full postpartum doula area offering a broader scope of work. At this time, we saw the need in our moms for a helping hand around the house, and so, the postpartum assistant was created! Just like your mother or sister or best friend coming to your house after birth! We help out, we're that listening ear you might need.

Postpartum Assistance Rates

5 hours: $100 ($20/hr)
10 hours: $180 ($18/hr)
20 hours: $320 ($16/hr)
Any hour after 20 hours: $15/hr.

Discounts available, please ask!

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