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Birth Doula Services 
Packages start at $800 - scroll down to see more!
Discounts Available - ask if you qualify!



Before the big day, you will meet with your doula of choice. You will share your birth plan, any fears or concerns, your expectations, and more. You will meet at least twice before you go into labor, no more than 5 times. The first meeting will be to see how well you get along with your doula. Personalities don't always get along, so if you have hesitation, let us know and we will put you in contact with another doula who might fit your personality better - each of us have our strengths and weaknesses. On the second visit, your doula will take a retainer deposit on her services and discuss details and schedule your following prenatal visits. Prenatal visits include a birth plan meeting!



The number one question usually asked is "when do I contact you?" It's a pretty simple answer: when you need your doula, we're there for you. That could be when contractions are five minutes apart or when they are two minutes apart. During labor, your doula vows to never leave your side except for anything you might request (ice chips, food - if allowed - as well as taking care of her own calls of nature). She will help you shift positions, help you find your voice when you need to talk to your doctor or nurses and be there for you. She will massage you, keep your labor room calm and show your partner the best way to help you.  If you are working hard, so are we. It doesn't matter if your labor is 2 hours or 2 days, we will be there for you. If your labor extends beyond 24 hours, your doula reserves the right to take some rest. If this occurs, we may call in another doula to help you for a few hours. 



After your birth, your doula will remain with you for an hour or two in recovery, helping with basic breastfeeding, if that's is your choice. If your package includes a postpartum visit, 

Cesarean Birth

Whether your belly birth is planned or it's spontaneous, we will remain there with you. Many hospitals have a strict rule that restricts your support in the Operating Room to one person, usually your partner. If this is the case, we will ask you, quietly, whom you want to join you in the OR. Some people aren't comfortable with their partner being there, others prefer a family member or even their doula. If this is the case, let us know whom you'd like to go with you. We will forward your request to the attending staff. During your cesarean, your doula, if she's not allowed in the OR, will remain outside, to greet you the moment you're in recovery. If, for any reason, your baby needs to go to the NICU, we will send your partner or other support person with the baby and your doula will remain with you. Some hospitals will only allow one person in the recovery room at a time. In this situation, we will visit with you, initiate breastfeeding, if possible, and then allow family members to visit you one at a time. Depending on your situation and family bonds, your doula will either take her leave at this time or will remain with you at your request. 


VBAC - vaginal birth after cesarean - is becoming increasingly common, which is great news for a birthing person who wants a VBAC. More and more doctors and midwives are feeling comfortable caring for a VBAC patient. We will help you get through the labor and birth for a successful VBAC. This will usually require a lot of gentle movement and the mother being willing to push herself. We will never push you beyond your comfort zone. If, for whatever reason, a VBAC is not possible and a repeat cesarean is necessary, we will follow those practices.


In the US, a doula will traditionally run $800 to over $2000. La Serena Birth Services remains within the lower end of the spectrum, in order to be available to everyone. We also work on a sliding scale. If, for any reason, you can not afford a doula, please contact us. We will work with you and your income to make sure you have a doula at your labor. If we can't work with your budget, we will help with the legwork and provide you a list of names of doulas who can work with you.

At the first prenatal meeting, where you will interview your doula and determine if you'd like to work together, price will be discussed and determined. At the second prenatal meeting, a non refundable 50% retainer fee will be due. The remaining 50% can be paid either in payments or due in one payment at 36 weeks.

Discounts Available - ask if you qualify! 



  • NO prental or postpartum meetings

  • Unlimited text and phone support prior to labor

  • Unlimited labor support

  • Must take an out-of-hospital birth education class or experiencing your second birth

siren package


  • Up to 4 prenatal meetings - including childbirth education class


  • Unlimited text and phone support prior to labor

  • Unlimited labor support



  • Up to 4 prenatal meetings- including childbirth education class

  • One postpartum meeting included - 1 hour long

  • Unlimited text and phone support prior to labor

  • Unlimited labor support


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