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Childbirth Education Classes

From the busy family to the family that lives outside our service area


One Day Private Childbirth Crash Course

This is perfect for the busy family, who can set aside one day and one day only! We cover everything from the physiology of childbirth, pain relief options, exercises for a healthy pregnancy and labor, build a birth plan and even the basics of newborn care! This class can be customized to your liking and can be held at Laura's house or at your house (+$25 travel fee). Class starts at 9 or 10 am and goes to either 4 or 5 pm, held on Friday, Saturday and Sundays.


4 Week Childbirth Education Courses

Group classes held at Laura's home. We recommend signing up for this course no later than your 32nd week of pregnancy and no sooner than your 20th week. We highly recommend a partner, friend who will be at your birth or doula join you for your classes. Classes are 2 hours each - total of 8 hours.

Week 1 - Childbirth Physiology

Week 2 - Exercises and Stretches for Healthy Pregnancy

Week 3 - Birth Plan and Tools for Birth and Labor

Week 4 - Newborn Care

Maximum of 5 couples per class. Please send us a message to find out when our next class begins!



Virtual Childbirth Education Class

Offered only to families outside my service area OR to families who missed a class in the childbirth education series. Pick from any of the 4 classes listed below. All classes are held via Zoom, privately, one on one. 

Class Choices

  1. Childbirth Physiology

  2. How to make your birth plan

  3. Newborn Care

$75 per class

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